Cast and Crew


  • Chris Diamantopoulos (as Mickey Mouse)
  • Russi Taylor (as Minnie Mouse)
  • Tony Anselmo (as Donald Duck)
  • Tress MacNeille (as Daisy Duck)
  • Bill Farmer (as Goofy Goof and Pluto Pup)

Additional Voices

  • Jack angel
  • roger bumpass
  • david rudman
  • tara strong
  • greg cipes
  • scott menville
  • kevin Michel richardson
  • kevin clash
  • eric jacobson


Written and Directed by

  • Aaron Springer

Executive Producer/Supervising Director

  • Paul Rudish

Storyboard by

  • Aaron Springer
  • Line Producer
  • Monica Mitchell

Art Director

  • Joseph Holt

Additional Written Material by

  • Derek Dressler
  • Clay Morrow
  • Paul Rudish

Casting by

  • David H. Wright III

Dialogue Director

  • Curtis Koller

Character & Prop Design

  • Tara Billinger
  • Stephen DeSteffano
  • Kali Fontecchio
  • Andy Suriano

Location Design

  • Justin Martin
  • Justin Parpan
  • Aaron Spurgeon

Background Paint

  • Jenny Gase-Baker
  • Chris Roszak
  • Narina Sokolova

Color Stylist

  • Chris Hacker

Music by

  • Christopher Willis

Animation Production by

  • Mercury Filmworks

Continuity Coordinator

  • Production Manager
  • Todd Popp

Animation Director

  • Graham MacDonald

Animatic Editor

  • Illya Owens


  • Illya Owens

Technical Director

  • Pamela May Palma

Post Production Supervisor

  • Mark Bollinger

Production Coordinator

  • Steve Lininger

Re-Recording Mixers

  • Fil Brown
  • Melisa Ellis

Dialogue Engineer

  • Mark Kondracki

Production Secretary

  • John Jihoon Chang

Script Coordinators

  • Leona Beckert

Dialogue Editor

  • Robbi Smith

Production Control

  • Michael Giammarese

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