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Dog Show
Season 1, Episode 11
Broadcast Information
Airdate October 11, 2013
Production no. 011
Viewers 2.9 million views
Written by Dave Wasson, Aaron Springer, Clay Morrow, Paul Rudish, and Derek Dressler
Directed by Dave Wasson
Storyboard by Dave Wasson
Episode Guide
Ghoul Friend
O Sole Minnie

"Dog Show" is the eleventh episode of Mickey Mouse.  It premiered on October 11, 2013.


With Pluto hurt, Mickey decides to enter Goofy in the big dog show.


Storyboard by:

  • Dave Wasson

Written by:

Directed by:

  • Dave Wasson

With the Voice Talents of:


Production notesEdit


  • This is the first and (thus far) only appearance of Pluto.
  • The Pixar Ball appears briefly at the obstacle course scene.
  • This is the sixth time Minnie is absent.
  • Goofy is seen naked throughout the whole competition until the end when he wins the trophy.
  • In the obstacle course, the Pixar Ball can be seen.


  • Goofy suddenly has his vest back on when he receives the trophy.



Mickey Mouse in Dog Show03:51

Mickey Mouse in Dog Show

Other LanguagesEdit

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