The Goofy Goof lookalikes are characters in Mickey mouse. They first appear in Good Sports

Appearances Edit

A few Goofys wear green, while a few wear red. And also there are two Goofys with notable changes:

Short Goofy Edit

This Goofy who plays for the green team. He is shorter than his other teammates, making him the shortest of the green team.

Hairy Goofy Edit

This Goofy also plays for the green team and is the most hairiest in the green team. He has an afro with his hat on top and he has really hairy armpits.

Personalites Edit

Before Mickey taught the Goofys about good sportsmanship, the Goofys were cheaters. They used to be unfair, taunt at other players, and played by their own rules.

After they were teached by Mickey, the Goofys became light hearted basketball players. They used teamwork, helped out the other team, and played by the rules.

Trivia Edit

  • They all appear to look like Goofy, and they even are voiced by Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy.