Character(s) Dialogue
(Scene takes place in a boardwalk; Mickey and Donald are harmonizing)
Mickey Well, this is the spot. The girls are supposed to meet us here any minute. Hey, look! Let's get some lunch, and surprise them with a picnic.
Donald Yeah!
Goofy (hums)

I'll be right with you fellers in a min...

(pauses and sees Mickey and Donald)

Hey! Can't you clowns read?!

Mickey and Donald What? What? What? [Mickey]

Huh? Huh? [Donald]

(both notice sign, confusedly)

Goofy (points at sign)

The sign on the door says, "No Shirt,

Mickey (becomes banned)
Goofy No Shoes,
Donald (becomes banned)
Goofy No Service!"

(becomes banned)

I'm trying to run a...

(squishes ant with his spatula)

Classy establishment here.

(background switches back to boardwalk; Mickey and Donald move out of the diner madly)
Donald Now what do we do?
(Mickey and Donald make eye contact on they're shirt and shoes; Mickey thinks for a second and gets an idea)
Mickey I know! Hey,

(points at Donald's shirt)

give me your shirt.

Donald (points at Mickey's shoes)

Give me your shoes.

(both are fighting over themselves, and they're clothes get mixed up)
Mickey (becomes annoyed)

Okay, look. Let's team up.

(takes off Donald's clothes)

We'll make one outfit, and one of us will go in get carry out for everyone. Deal?

Donald But who gets to go in?
Mickey Draw straws?
Donald Okay.

(sticks his butt out)


(Mickey tries to get one of his feathers, but Donald avoids him; Mickey chosen the tiny feather)

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