Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Personal Information
Aliases Oswald
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Family Mickey Mouse ("brother")

Ortensia the Cat Wife

Fanny the Rabbit Ex-Wife

Walt Disney ("Father")

Floyd the Lucky Rabbit ("Original") Son

Lloyd the Rabbit ("Original") Son

Rabbit Children Sons & Daughters

Production Information

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a minor character in Mickey Mouse. He only appeared in Stayin' Cool and has a cameo and in Cable Car Chaos. His third cameo was in "Where's My Mickey?"


Oswald is a black rabbit. He wears blue shorts.

Trivia Edit

  • In Entombed, he makes a cameo on the heiroglyphics on the title card.
  • Oswald is somewhat related to Mickey Mouse because he was the star until Mickey mouse came along.
  • Oswald has made 5 appearances so far, he appears in Stayin' Cool, Cable Car Chaos, Entombed, Canned & "Where's My Mickey?"

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