Season 1, Episode 13
Broadcast Information
Airdate November 18, 2013
Production no. 013
Viewers 2.3 million
Written by Aaron Springer

Derek Dressler
Clay Morrow
Paul Rudish

Directed by Aaron Springer
Storyboard by Aaron Springer
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"Potatoland" is the thirteenth episode of Mickey Mouse. It is notably a special "double-sized" episode, at seven minutes in length, having aired on November 18, 2013 to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 85th birthday.


Mickey and Donald take Goofy on a road trip to Potatoland, a theme park he´s wanted to go ever since he was young. Upon their arrival , Mickey and Donald realize that Potatoland is actually just part of a sign welcoming people to Idaho. Mickey was not wanting to disappoint their friend, so they attempt to make Goofy´s dream come true by building a theme park made of potatos.


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Written and Directed by:

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Production notesEdit


  • The rides and attractions in Potatoland relate to Disneyland's attractions.
  • The haunted house ride is reminiscent of The Haunted Mansion.
  • The show with potato President Lincoln is reminiscent of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.
  • The thuding sound heard when Donald fell down is a stock sound effect heard in many classic WB cartoons.
  • This is the first short to air on Monday, as part of Mickey Mouse's birthday celebration on Disney Channel.
  • Donald Duck makes his first appearance since Stayin' Cool.
  • This is the first extended seven minute cartoon.
  • The tire that Donald and Mickey carry says "Good Ear" instead of "Goodyear".
  • This cartoon aired on Mickey's 85th birthday.
  • This, Ku'u Lei Melody and Wonders of the Deep are the only extended seven minute long shorts.
  • This wasn't released on the official Mickey Mouse channel the time it was aired, for some reason.





Mickey Mouse in Potatoland

Mickey Mouse in Potatoland

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