Scrooge McDuck
Scrooge (Mickey Mouse 2013)
Personal Information
Aliases Uncle Scrooge
Gender Male
Species Duck
Family Donald Duck (nephew)
Occupation Business tycoon
World traveller
Residence McDuck Mansion
The Money Bin (occasionally)
Interests Money
Production Information
First Appearance Goofy's First Love
Voiced by Alan Young (2015-2016) John Kassir (2016-present)

"Now, what can I do for my favourite nephew?"
— Scrooge McDuck[source]

Scrooge McDuck, also known as Uncle Scrooge, is a minor character in the animated comedy series Mickey Mouse He's the richest duck in the world, as well as Donald Duck's uncle. Despite having three cubic acres of money, he refuses to share it, a characteristic that is expressed in when Donald asks him money for Goofy to impress the love of his life, and is kicked out of his uncle's mansion for an answer.

Character origins Edit

Scrooge was created by famous Disney artist Carl Barks, and originally first appeared in Barks' 1947 comic Christmas on Bear Mountain. Afterwards, Barks began re-using the increasingly more popular character in most of his later work. Since 1952, other writers and artists have been picking up the Scrooge character for their own stories. Scrooge is still one of the most frequently appearing Disney comic characters, as well as one of the most famous and recognizable Disney characters.

Physical appearanceEdit

Scrooge is an elderly duck and, like Donald, has white feathers, an yellow bill and webbed feet. He wears round spectacles, a black top hat, a blue (occasionally red) belted coat with a red (occasionally black) collar and cuffs. He walks with a cane and wears red (occasionally black) spats of his feet. His older age is mostly visible through his white (occasionally grey) sideburns.

In the series, Scrooge was shown wearing the outfit that he notably also wears in the successful 1980s Disney Afternoon series DuckTales, in which he is the main protagonist.


Greedy, shrewd, selfish, caring, heroic, stubborn, honest, comical, adventurous, protective, sensible, clever, loyal, hard-working, sometimes generous.

Episode apperancesEdit

  1. Goofy's First Love
  2. No
  3. Three-Legged Race
  4. Year of the Dog
  5. New Shoes


  • He's one of the characters who can be seen attending to Goofy's "wedding" at the end of Goofy's First Love.
  • He's named after the character Ebenezer Scrooge from the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
  • Interestingly, Scrooge portrayed his namesake in the 1983 Disney featurette Mickey's Christmas Carol, which was also the first time that his current voice actor Alan Young voiced Scrooge on-screen.
  • Scrooge is one of the only Disney comic characters to have ever had a confirmed age; in the 1955 one-pager Watt An Occasion, Scrooge was shown celebrating his 75th birthday.
    • However, later comics showed him to be instead born in 1867, and having already been 80 years old when he met Donald. He is also shown to be a bit younger in DuckTales, with approximately 60 candles on his birthday cake, and referring to 40 years as "most of my (his) life".

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