Space Walkies
Season 2, Episode 10
Mickey Mouse Space Walkies Title Card
Broadcast Information
Airdate November 7, 2014
Production no. 210
Viewers 3.0
Written by *Darrick Bachman
  • Riccardo Durante
  • Richard Pursel
  • Alonso Ramirez Ramos
  • Paul Rudish
Directed by Paul Rudish
Storyboard by TBA
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"Space Walkies" is the tenth episode in the second season of Mickey Mouse. It aired on November 7, 2014.


Mickey's routine space mission turns complicated after Pluto reveals he has to go to the bathroom.




Seth MacFarlane

Alex Borstin

Seth Green

Mila Kunis

Mike Henry

Also Starring

Rob Lowe

Ted McGinley

Alex Stanton

Conner Trinneer

David A. Goodman

Tom Devveny

Steve Callaghan

Jim Creampie

Alex Sulkin

Wellesley Wild

Mike Henry

David Zuckerman

Mike Kim

Conner Trinneer

Dan Povenmire

Peter Shin

Pete Michels

Phil LaMarr

David A. Goodman

The Producers

Tom Devanney

Music by

Paul Rudish

Produced by

Tommy Corner

Written by

Christopher Willis

Directed by

Jing Jihoon Chang


  • First appearance of Chip 'n Dale.
  • Second appearance of Pluto since Dog Show.
  • When Mickey lands on Earth, he lands in front of Space Mountain in Walt Disney World.
  • This episode aired when Big Hero 6 was released.
  • The pluto that was mistakes for the real Pluto slowly resembles SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • He peed at the ending