The Boiler Room
Season 2, Episode 9
The Boiler Room Title Card
Broadcast Information
Airdate October 2, 2014
Production no. 026
Viewers 2.7
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Storyboard by TBA
Episode Guide
Mumbai Madness
Space Walkies

"The Boiler Room" is the ninth episode in the second season of Mickey Mouse. It aired on October 2, 2014.


Mickey must face a monster living in the basement of Minnie's apartment.


Written by:

  • Darrick Bachman
  • Matt Chapman
  • Heiko Drengenberg
  • Clay Morrow
  • Paul Rudish

Storyboard by:

  • Heiko Drengenberg

With the Voice Talents of:



The Boiler Room A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Disney Shorts03:52

The Boiler Room A Mickey Mouse Cartoon Disney Shorts

Gumball, Darwin, Blu, Melman, Randy And Cricket

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