The Wish Song is a song sung by Mickey, Goofy, Pete and Minnie in the episode Wish Upon a Coin.

Lyrics Edit

Character(s) Singing Lyric
Mickey (speaking) You wanna know a secret?
Minnie (speaking) Uh-huh.
Mickey (speaking) Well, I'm not gonna tell.
Minnie But we are standing by a wishing well
Mickey Make a wish into the well

That's all you have to do

And if you hear the toll ring...

Goofy Yoouur wish will soon come true
Mickey and Minnie I'm wishing... (echos)
Mickey For the on I looove...
Minnie To find me... (echos)
Mickey and Minnie Today
(Pete rises)
Pete Toodaayy!
(Pete ends song)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only song Pete sings.
  • Goofy and Pete are the only characters to have one part.

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