When Life Gives You Lemons
is the first episode pack in Where's My Mickey? This level pack has 20 levels and sixty stars.


Mickey is walking down the beach boardwalk on the hottest day of the year. He then get the brilliant idea of opening up a lemonade stand. He's got a bowl, the lemons, and a long line of thirsty customers, but no water.

Buried Objects

Exploding Beach Ball

Episode: None
Description: Pluto's least favorite kind of ball. He can only pick it up with his mouth once...

Head Trapping Bucket

Episode: None
Desciption: A dangerous contraption for anyone with a dog-shaped head! Safer buried underground...

Daisy's "Sunglasses"

Episode: No Service
Description: Face hugging monsters like these only come out on sunny days.

Bucket of Flavor

Episode: No Service
Description: Smells like a trip to the beach that Pluto wasn't invited to. Tastes like chicken!

Squeakless Toy

Episode: No Service
Description: Pluto spent all day trying to find the squeaker in this toy, but all that come out was air.

Flowing Fetch Stick

Episode: None
Description: On windy days, Pluto can play with this fetch stick on his own.

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